Making hammocks has been a handcraft business for RainbowHammocks since 2000. I learned my craft from folks who live at Twin Oaks Community in Virginia.
The rope and oak stretcher bars I buy, are produced by members at Twin Oaks.
1. The rope is wound onto weaving shuttles with a small motor and counter to assist the process.

2. The weaving of a hammock starts in the middle. One shuttle is used for each side of the hammock jig. (Note: technically a hammock bed is a knit stitch, not a weave.)
3. Finish off the hammock edges. A crochet stitch piece is used to finish off and strengthen the hammock edge.
4. The trimmed ropes of a single harness are slipped into a welded plated hammock ring and then placed on a tapered wood holder for knotting.
5. Harness ends are measured then cut and sealed before threading into drilled and oiled oak spreader bars.
6. Tie completed harnesses to hammock bed. Bowline knots are used to complete this process.
7. The finished hammock. Hammock is removed from hammock jig, hung on wall ready for inspection and bagging.
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