Safety First
For your safety and comfort please read and observe all the precautions listed here. Use hanging hardware included with hammock chair. Follow installation directions carefully. Prior to each use inspect your hammock chair, hardware, installation points and objects supporting the hammock chair for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hammock chair. Excessive bouncing and other rough play may wear out your hammock chair and hardware prematurely. Maximum safe weight is 300 pounds.


Hanging a Hammock Chair
All hammock chairs should be hung at least 6-8 ft from the ground. If you don't have a sturdy tree or open beam to tie the chair to, follow the hanging instructions below. Find a point in the ceiling that has a beam or ceiling support ( support is located in most ceilings every 16 inches - hammer a small nail into the spot you locate to check that it is a solid support.). Wooden joists or rafters should be a minimum size of 2 x 8  or equivalent. The support must be in good condition and installed properly. Consult a professional for information on hanging your chair from other supports such as concrete ceilings. Weight limit is 300 pounds.

Locate the center of the beam and drill a pilot hole where you want your hooks, approximately 1/2 the diameter of the screw of the hammock hook screw. For example, if the srew to be used is 3/8 in diameter, then the pilot hole should be drilled 3/16 in diameter. Screw the hammock hooks into the pilot holes. Seat the eye of the hook against the wood, but do not over-tighten the srew or allow the hook assembly or eye screw to be twisted or bent.

Do not wrap chain around the hook, and do not allow chain to become twisted between the hook assembly and the ring of the hammock chair. Either of these conditions may damage or weaken the chain.

Caring For Your Hammock Chair
Under normal use your hammock will last for many years. You can increase its useful life by putting it away during cold seasons (store it dry), and by hanging it where it will be shaded most of the day. Guard against animals such as dogs or rodents chewing or nesting in your chair.

Cleaning Your Hammock Chair
The synthetic rope of your hammock is washable with warm water and a mild detergent or soap. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before storage.

Care Of Wood
Your hammocks wood spreader board is solid oak. Left alone it will weather to a natural barn grey. If you prefere to keep the look of finished wood, we recommend you varnish the wood  or oil it frequently (every six months of use with linseed oil). 

Relax and enjoy your hammock chair!

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